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30-Day Praise Diet Plan 

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Praise God in his sanctuary...praise him in his mighty heavens...Let everything that has breath praise the LORD...Praise the LORD. [Psalm 150]

This is a proven plan of Praise!  At the end of this plan you will have a better outlook on life.  You will experience God working in your life.  When you do, you will want to share your praise with others.  Tell your friends and family how God has blessed you.  But most of all you need to get up and get your praise on!

Sample of Praise Diet Plan

To begin your praise diet plan on Day 1, it is best to use the following steps:

Step 1:
Start developing an understanding of the characteristics of God. Read the Day 1 passage.

Step 2:
Research the first characteristic "Patient". The Webster's dictionary defines patient as: steadfast despite opposition, difficulty or adversity.

Step 3:
Get your bible and read the scripture for day 1.

Step 4:
You will want to meditate on the scripture passage.

Step 5:
Apply the word "patient" to your daily life. Find two things you can do in day 1 that will allow you to be patient.

Step 6:

Say out loud "I give you praise, Lord!

Step 7:

Repeat these simple steps each day. As you repeat these steps you will start to see a calm and peaceful spirit  develop in your life.  In time people around your will start to notice your change in your personality. 

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Day 1: A Patient God (2 Peter 3:9)

I give you praise, Lord, because you are not negligent in your promise to me.  Thank you for being patient with me.

Day 2: The Greatness of God (Job 36:26)

I give you praise, Lord, because as I learn more about your greatness, the greater you become in my life.

Day 3: The Deliverer God (Psalms 68:20)

I give you praise, Lord. for being my deliverance and my salvation, and for setting me free from sin.

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